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Microsoft Edge is a fast, high-quality web browser that gives users a fast, secure way to browse the internet. And AdBlock works great in Edge. AdBlock for Edge blocks annoying and intrusive ads all over the web, and will remove ads on Bing, YouTube, Facebook, and all of your favorite websites. Completely redesigned to enjoy YouTube without ads and at maximum speed. This ad blocker for YouTube is the most efficient today. Unlike its competitors, does not use any external list to block ads, instead blocks all external requests for ads. Using this way a simpler and therefore faster code.

The new Microsoft Edge has become very popular very quickly, but it’s still going through some early growing pains. This past week, Microsoft acknowledged an issue with Edge where AdBlock users can’t access YouTube.

Youtube Adblock Microsoft Edge

For AdBlock to block ads on English-language websites, including, you need to subscribe to EasyList. If you watch non-English videos, also make sure you have subscribed to the filter list for that language. AdBlock (no relation to AdBlock Plus) is the other best ad-blocking browser extension of note, available for users of Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. AdBlock uses a series of filter lists to. AdBlock is also available from USER REVIEWS Carl - ★★★★★ “I was having troubles with bwplayer and other ads. Anyway, it doesn't appear now since i installed AdBlock on my Microsoft Edge. Personally I recommend this.” Quinch - ★★★★★ “I have been using this for so long.

If you’re using Microsoft Edge and also happen to be using AdBlock or AdBlock Plus, you might notice some issues with YouTube. As pictured below, this combination seems to break the ability to play videos entirely. It’s happening consistently on every version of Microsoft Edge, including on multiple platforms (Windows, macOS, etc).


Microsoft acknowledged the problem in a support post, saying:

We’ve heard that a number of users who have the AdBlock (Plus) or Adblock for Youtube extensions installed are running into errors on YouTube videos. If you’re experiencing this bug, you will likely encounter a black screen on the video player when attempting to load a video on YouTube.

Youtube Adblock Microsoft Edge

Luckily, Microsoft does have a solution — simply disable AdBlock. The extension — and other ad blockers like it — do often break some webpages (ours included), so disabling it entirely should fix this problem.

Youtube Adblock In Microsoft Edge

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