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Video Copilot has released an awesome free After Effects plugin for creating energy and light beams. SABER comes with 50 presets to get you started making amazing visual effects. Features like glow falloff, various distortion settings, and the ability to apply the effect to mask paths and text make this a very cool plugin. I've been using the new free Saber After Effects plugin for a couple of weeks now and it's great, but out of no where while editing with it, I go to the next clip to use it and the red circles that mark the stop and start of the blade are gone. I don't have a way to click and drag the start and stop points for.

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Make a cool reveal intro logo with Saber plugin in After Effects

You could make a cool reveal intro logo with saber in After Effects with ease. Saber is a plugin for After Effects. Making advantage of masks inside After Effects, everything is possible and quite interesting. And the great thing about it is extremely easy to accomplish it, trust me.

For making the reveal intro logo you will also need Adobe Illustration. It’s not must but it’s far easier if you have it.

The reason: if you don’t have Adobe Illustrator you have to re-create your logo inside Adobe After Effects from scratch. And depends on the complexity of your logo, how much is going to take to do that.

Saber in After Effect is an amazing Free plugin by videocopilot.

The founder of the company is Andrew Kramer. I love this guy and all of his work. He is extremely inspired and well knowledge fellow. I actually learn After Effects from his tutorials, which I highly recommend if you are interested in After Effects and motion graphics in general. It doesn’t matter in what level you are, you always learn new things and cool stuff from his enormous experience. I can’t say enough for Andrew, is just the best.

If you don’t have the Saber plugin, you could download it from here.

I won’t explain how the plugin works, not because it’s not necessary but more like because Andrew Kramer has already made a great job, demonstrating how the Saber plugin works. After all, it’s his plugin 🙂 You could find the video demonstration of the plugin on the same page you download it. A well made 37 minute video, with tons of cool stuff.

Making a cool reveal intro logo with Saber in After Effects:

Preparation of the logo:

I will be working in the coca cola logo. I suspect everybody is pretty much familiar with this brand.

So, open up Illustrator with your logo vector file. Just select the “whole” logo and press copy.

*You could also select each time a part of your logo and copy it and then past it in After Effect (more advanced).

Open up a new After effect project, create a new solid layer (make it black), apply the Saber plugin. Now is the time to just paste the previous copy you made in Illustrator.

Adobe After Effects Saber Tutorial

Now the solid layer has all the logo information from Illustrator as separate “masks” inside After Effects. How cool is that, right! Just one copy – paste and all the information has transferred. You could verify this by opening the solid layer which has the Saber effect and take a look at the separate masks over there.

The masks are there, but the glowing line doesn’t seem to really follow the shape of the actual coca cola logo, right! The only thing you have to do to address it, is to go to Saber effect and under customizecore chooses the layer masks and you are good to go.

After playing with some paraments like color, glow intensity, etc. i came up with the following result.

Reveal animation:

Saber Adobe After Effects Plugin

Now the actual reveal of the logo it’s pretty simple. You just have to set some keyframes on the start offset parament, started from 100% to 0%.

That’s it, you have made a cool reveal logo animation by yourself in a matter of minutes.

Composition enhancement:

The black feeling color which I gave in our composition it wasn’t much appealing, so after playing a few minutes more with it and adding some blur and a little bit of camera motion, i came up with this short intro of coca cola. It’s nothing special, it’s pretty much basic stuff, but it’s a lot more interest than a black background, don’t you think!


This post does not reveal the full power of Saber plugin, it just gives you a small taste of what you can do with it for reveal intro logo purpose. It has so many paraments that you can alter and so many preset you can choose from which can save you some time.


As I already said, if you want to get the most out of Saber plugin I highly recommend visiting the site and watch the well made 37 min video.

Saber Adobe After Effects Download

You could make a ton of cool stuff with Saber. You could mix things up with 3d elements, text, blending modes, using more Saber layers at once and much more. It’s up to you how much complexity your reveal intro logo will have.

You could visit an early post I made for converting 2D logo intro 3D and use that technic to mix things up using the Saber plugin.

Adobe After Effects Free Download For Windows

Thanks for reading, see you in a week 🙂