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Jun 26, 2011 Open Source Used in QuickVPN Version (PDF - 35 KB) Release Notes for Cisco QuickVPN Client Version 1.2.11 (PDF - 23 KB) Reference. Technical References. Easy and secure remote access with Cisco QuickVPN (PDF - 325 KB) Design. Design TechNotes. For Installation & support contact me at. Paid Support.This video shows how to setup vpn tunnel in cisco rv042 router. It is easiest method to con.

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For your reference: https://community.cisco.com/t5/small-business-routers/quickvpn-server-s-certificate-doesn-t-exist-on...

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From the link above:

The 'certificate for client' should be saved as a .pem file and copied into the install directory of QuickVPN client.

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The 'certificate for admin' is used as a backup, which can be used to re-provision the router in case admin needs to reset the router to factory default for any reason.

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Quick Vpn Client Software

On your router, you will need to download the client certificate and put it in a place where the QuickVPN client can see it. In this case, try putting it in the install directory of your QuickVPN client on your computer.