Omino After Effects

(After some back and forth regarding broken DLLs on our release two weeks backā€¦)


Basically, make a new solid layer, draw a path on it, apply the omino snake effect to the solid, then select the image to animate and the path it should take.

  • Omino Python is a plug-in for Adobe After Effects CS5. Omino Python lets you write a script which is run for each frame, and can read existing images and draw new ones. Omino Python is useful for generative art and data visualization within your existing After Effects workflow and pipeline.
  • Omino Python for Mac: AE Python interpreter David Van Brink ( @polyomino ) released Omino Python, a free After Effects CS5 plug-in for Mac OS X only ( for now ) that embeds a Python interpreter: 'This plug-in lets you write a script in Python and then run it on every frame.

By popular demand, the Omino Suite including Kaleidoscope and Snake is now available for both Mac OS X and Windows.

Omino After Effects

Notes for release 2.1 are:

Omino Snake After Effects

  • Available for Windows and Mac OS X
  • Works on AE CS6 and Later
  • Installed manually by dragging
  • Kaleidoscope speedup with multithreads
  • Snake rendering errors with tiny holes substantially reduced
  • Minor parameter name changes (old projects still work fine)

Omino Diffusion Crack Mac After Effects

Get it at the first link on the download page.

How To Install

In the zip file are two folders, one for Mac OS X, and one for Windows. Drag the appropriate folder as shown below.

Omino Squares After Effects

Any problems (or feature requests, of course) please comment or email me, [email protected] Enjoy!