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The Best Mac Storage Space Cleaner

  • Nektony: App Cleaner and Uninstaller from $9.99 at Nektony. Take App Cleaner and Uninstaller from $9.99 at Nektony. Nektony: Duplicate File Remover PRO.
  • Overview App Cleaner & Uninstaller is a special tool for completely uninstalling an application from macOS. Although apps could be trashed just by putting the icons into the Trash, App Cleaner allows you to uninstall apps correctly and completely.
  • App Cleaner & Uninstaller from Nektony is a simple and easy to use application. This lightweight app does a good job of clearing out the broken links, files, and other gubbins that get left behind when apps are uninstalled. It also, as the name suggests, allows you to uninstall apps cleanly from the get-go, and set which ones launch at startup.
  • Nektony is a software development company that is specialized on Mac utilities & iOS productivity apps like MacCleaner Pro 2, App Cleaner Uninstaller and Duplicate File Finder. Its founded in 2011 and located in Odessa, Ukraine.

In this article we look at a sleek new ally in the fight against system clutter, App Cleaner from Nektony. A Clean Sweep App Cleaner is a free app to download and use, but you can add a little important functionality and remove ads using an in-app purchase upgrade to the pro version if you choose to do so.

It happens with all computer users when the hard drive accumulates a series of unnecessary files. And Mac computers are no exception. If your Mac disk is full and you want to free up space on it, we have the best solution for you.

Use Cleaner-App to clean up your Mac

  • Find the largest files and organize the bulkiest content.
  • Find and remove unneeded downloads from your disk.
  • Find installation files and remove unnecessary ones.
  • Find and remove useless screenshots from your Mac.
  • Find and remove unwanted duplicate files.
  • Find files with the same names and manage identical content.
  • Find photo series and remove unsuccessful pictures.

Even if you have a tiny hard drive on your Mac which gets full very quickly, don’t be in a hurry to buy cloud storage or change your Mac. Cleaner-App will help take care of your computer, easily reclaim some drive space and, as a result, optimize your Mac’s performance.

Find Largest Files

Nektony App Cleaner Safe

  • Get a list of the largest files on your Mac
  • Analyze your disk space usage
  • Remove or move the bulkiest content

Find Downloads

  • Get a list of all downloaded files on your Mac
  • Get rid of unneeded downloads

App Cleaner 10.9

Find Installation Packages

  • Get a list of all installation files on your disk
  • Select unnecessary files and remove them

Find Screenshots

  • Find screenshots
  • Preview images and delete useless of them

Find Duplicate Files

  • Find duplicate files
  • Preview duplicates
  • Autoselect duplicates with one click
  • Sort files by name/size/type or search them by name
  • Remove unneeded duplicates

Find Same Name Files

  • Find files with identical names
  • Organize your files by renaming them or removing unneeded ones

Find Photo Series

Nektony App Cleaner & Uninstaller Review

  • Find photo series
  • Preview pictures and choose unsuccessful of them to remove

Cleaner-App – Find Unneeded Files and Clean up Your Mac