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Mac Registry Cleaner free download - Wise Registry Cleaner, Auslogics Registry Cleaner, Amust Registry Cleaner, and many more programs. Feb 12, 2008 registry cleaner for mac os? Does anybody know one or if it even exist at all? My mac starts up slow lately so I'm thinking its the registry, I could be wrong.

AML Free Registry Cleaner also Provides a detailed overview of running programs and processes.

AML Free Registry Cleaner also allows you to search for words in the entire registry

File Size : 2.76 MB

OS: Windows XP/2003/Vista/Windows7/Windows8 (32 and 64 bit)

Release Date: 16 January 2013


Dear AML Soft:
I feel compelled to, at least, thank you for making your free Registry Cleaner available to all! It is an outstanding program! I have bought and used other cleaners in the past and have always wound up with irreversible problems afterwards which required complete system reinstallation.
Your program is very fast, easy to use and effective. My system has gained processing speed after each use without even a hint of a problem.
Thank You for your gift to all. I will certainly talk up your software to friends, and I wish you very much success in your future growth!
Gene Romero



I really love this program, I have 3 prized free registry cleaner that I love, and this is on the list along with easy cleaner, crap cleaner and this is number 3.. but after a few uses I think ill put it into number one most used registry cleaner, good luck with your business and keep providing updates for this fantastic program
Dean Barrett

Mac Registry Cleaner


you have a very useful product and most of all its easy to use I have tried numerous online applications to no avail , I tried this today and just clicked and go!!! fixed all my registry problems and made me feel totally relieved, your amazing and best of all its free too, nothing you can ever ask for
God bless you guys!!! and keep moving forward.

noriel morales


I have had your fantastic free registry cleaner for about four months now, it is the best cleaner I have used, even over cleaners that are not free. Keep up the good work and THANKS for making this happen and keeping it free.

Kind Regards,
Richard Newson.


Free mac registry cleaner

Your registry cleaner product is simply fantastic! It is simple to use, very effective, quite straight forward, well-developed, and perfectly designed where the process is basically seen graphically which I really do appreciate. This last feature actually lets you watch what this application is doing to your machine! This is amazing! I love it! Plus, to top it off it is free of charge! This is absolutely stunning because it does not match a single bit and it is not at all even fit to hold a candle to cleaners that you have to pay for! I mean yours is a way and a whole lot better over all the other paid applications out there! Well done! Good job! Keep it up this way, guys!
Let success attend you, good luck, and all the very best!
Dennis L


MacMac Registry Cleaner




I have been looking around for a registry cleaner for a while. Those that say they are free are generally one specific program with various skins and they change the name of it. Bit of a con really. You run their software and it will not clean up your system.
Yours, however, is not only free, but also, I believe much more superior in effectiveness. It found things these 'FREE' cleaners did not spot and now my machine is much faster.
Many many thanks for such a terrific program that not only is what it says 'FREE' but also a very high quality product. I will be recommending this program to all my friends as it is so good.
Thanks again
Yours in appreciation
John Windebank


I cant begin to tell you how much I appreciate your registry cleaner. Even though it is free, I would like to give you something toward it. My way of thanking you for a product that I truly need and use. I have tried many different registry cleaners, and none have served me as well as your program, so please tell me how to give you a little something for this wonderful and very useful product.
Thanks again!
Grey Mason


THANK YOU! My computer has been plagued with all sorts of unpredictable network behavior over the last couple of weeks, the most frustrating being the inability to connect to any ftp servers.
After trying many things, I ran your free registry cleaner as a last-chance before doing a complete re-install of XP. It worked!! I can't thank you enough.
Delighted in Denver,
Scott C.


Yes I would like to personally thank a company that put's people need's ahead of trying to make a buck .I have bought some different types of registry cleaners and not a one of them did what they said that they would do .You would have a free download and when you ran it to clean the computer it would tell you have 738 errors .so you hit clean it up .well it will only do 20 until you bought there product .but not with AML Free Registry Cleaner it does not matter if you have 3000 problems it will clean every one of them. Then there is the disk cleaner wow i would have never believed the there would be over 15,000 temporary junk files and it will clean every one of them.
My hats off to this company there are people out there who do care if they are screwing the common people. Now my computer runs just as good as if i took it too a tech .hell it runs better and faster .never again will I take it to someone !!!!!!!!

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A registry cleaner is always essential to make your Mac faster. It basically scans the registries and finds out all the outdated entries. You will get an option to remove them from your system to make it work faster and better. There are many registry entries which should be removed from time to time and thus removing these it can help you to get rid of lagging and slow computers. Thus a Mac registry cleaner is very much important when it comes to keeping your computer clean and fast. There are some cleaners available in the market which are really useful and work great. But you need to know the best ones in order to get the best result. Here are the top 5 registry cleaner for your Mac OS X.

#1. CleanMyMac 3

With the help of this great registry cleaner you can maintain, clean and optimize your Mac properly. CleanMyMac 3 helps you to scan each and every details of your system and finds out all the junks. It also helps to remove all the gigabytes of junks present in your system and this is possible with only two clicks. You can monitor the health of your Mac computers and laptops with the help of this great cleaning software. One-button cleaning system has made it easier for the people to use it without much issue. It also keeps your Mac safe by making sure that you are only cleaning the right files and not any useful ones. It is a well designed registry cleaner for Mac which is also very easy to use. It also helps to clean all the trashes with just one click.

#2. CCleaner

CCleaner is one of the most popular cleaners for systems. It is also a great Mac registry cleaner and widely used by many people. It will help you clean the browsers like Safari, Chrome, Opera etc. And when it comes to cleaning the hard drive, it will also help you to clean the trash, temporary folders, recent files and servers and also the recent applications. It is quite fast and helps to clean and get rid of all the junk files. It also boosts the performance and speed of your system.

  • It is very easy to use and you can also clean the Firefox and Safari using customizable cleaning options.
  • It does not support many applications and is still under development.

#3. MacClean

MacClean is one of the best cleaning software for Mac. If you are looking for the best Mac registry cleaner then this is the one which you can try. You do not have to buy this or pay anything to use this software on your laptop or desktop. There is no effort needed to clean the system with this software. You can easily use this to clean hard drive and delete all the junk files. It is very easy to use and also the interface used in this software is quite easy. You need to scan the system and then clean. It is as simple and hassle free as that.

  • It can detect all the user junk, internet junk, application junk as well as the system junk.
  • It also helps to remove the junks effectively and boost up the performance.
  • Some of the advanced options are not available in this software.

#4. Detox My Mac

Detox My Mac is Mac cleaning software which is designed in such a powerful way that it can clean up all the junk files stored in the hard drive. This helps to free up the storage space and also boost up the memory space. It will scan and help to remove all the trashes and user logs to make the computer faster than before. You need to get the full version of the Detox My Mac by paying a certain amount of money. With the help of that you will get more functions as well as a lot of tools to manage it. It is quite simple and very easy to use software. It helps to remove the unused history files, unused files of applications and many more.

Mac registry cleanerPros:
  • With the help of this you will be able to remove the unused files and documents that are left in your system for ages. This will help you to get a lot of free memory.

Best Mac Registry Cleaner

  • The free trial version of this software does not have all the tools and functions available.

#5. AppZapper

When you remove any application from your Mac system you will of course want all the leftover or residual files and folders of that application to be removed. With the help of this new Mac registry cleaner named AppZapper you will be able to clean all the residual files and folders from your hard drive and thus will not remain cluttered in your system. Its main function is used to find out all the extra files and folders that are left on the Mac. Then with a single click you can remove the files without much hassle. This will save a lot of space from your hard disk.

  • If your system is getting slow and sluggish then this can help you clean the old residual files and free up a lot of space.
  • It is not able to clean the Internet junk files like browser history, cookies and caches.