Install Microsoft Remote Desktop On Mac

Dec 25, 2019 In most cases, you should install Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac 10. If it doesn’t work, try the older Microsoft R e mote Desktop for Mac 8 app instead, although version 8 is scheduled to be removed from the Mac App Store sometime in the near future. To install it, open the App Store. After the installation is complete click “Open” or navigate to the Applications folder and double click the Microsoft Remote Desktop app. Click the “Add Desktop” button to begin adding the remote desktop connection. Enter the IP address or DNS name of the remote computer in the “PC name” field. Then click “Add”.

  1. Microsoft Remote Desktop Setup Mac

System Requirements:

Install Microsoft Remote Desktop On Mac
  1. Download and Install the Remote Desktop Client from the Apple Store on your Mac:

For more information on the Microsoft RDP client for mac, go to

Using RDP with Mac OS

  1. Login and establish a connection with the VPN Tunnel
    1. For assistance logging into the VPN Tunnel for a MAC, go to
  2. Launch the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client
  3. Click on the Plus sign in the application and select Desktop
  4. In PC Name, Enter the FQDN of your desktop and click on save
  5. In Save Desktops you will see the name of your PC, double click on the PC
  6. Enter your userid and password and click continue
  7. A popup will come up, “You are connecting to the RDP host, The certificate could be verified back to the root certificate. Your connection may not be secure. Do you want to continue?” Click Continue to proceed
  8. You will now be logged into your MSHS or MSSM desktop

Know Issues and Troubleshooting:

Install Microsoft Remote Desktop On Mac

Q: When I click the RDP Icon after tunneling in I get the error message, “We couldn’t connect to remote PC. Make sure the PC is turned on and connect to the network, and that remote access is enabled.”
A: Verify that the tunnel connection stills says connected. If it is connected, please verify the FQDN that you entered in the the RDP client. If both is correct, please contact the helpdesk to further troubleshoot this issue.

Q: When I click the RDP Icon after tunneling in I get the error message, “We couldn’t connect to the remote PC. You might not have permission to sign in remotely. Contact your network administrator for assistance”
A: Your AD account was not added to your desktop to allow Remote Desktop Connection. Please contact the helpdesk to have them add your account to your workstation for Remote Desktop Connection.

San Francisco: With an aim to allows users to access their computer through another device remotely, Microsoft has updated its Remote Desktop client for macOS.

The latest update brought native support for the M1 chip, as well as some new features, 9To5mac reported on Friday.

Microsoft remote desktop client mac

With native support for the Apple Silicon platform and the M1 chip, the app runs with better performance and more energy efficiency, which means that it should consume less battery power when running on a MacBook.

In addition, version 10.6 of Microsoft Remote Desktop for macOS also adds support for client-side IME when using Unicode keyboard mode, integrated Kerberos support in the CredSSP, and improved compatibility with macOS Big Sur.

In this release we've made some significant updates to the shared underlying code that powers the Remote Desktop experience across all our clients, the company said.

We have also added some new features and addressed bugs and crashes that were showing up in error reporting, it added.

Users can download Microsoft Remote Desktop for free on the Mac App Store. There's also an iOS version available that works with iPhone and iPad.

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Microsoft Remote Desktop Setup Mac

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