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A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Friday Night Funkin’ is not a very complex game. You open up the webpage on or Newgrounds, press enter to start, sort through a couple of menus, and start playing.

Friday Night Funkin Game

  • FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN' FOR LUDUM DARE 47 'STUCK IN A LOOP'. THIS IS THE LUDUM DARE VERSION, PEEP THE UPDATED ONE!!! 'PRETTY DOPE ASS GAME' PLAYSTATION MAGAZINE MAY 2003 ISSUE. Your tryin to kiss ur hot girlfriend, but her MEAN and EVIL dad is trying to KILL you! He's an ex-rockstar, the only way to.
  • 🎮 week 7 tings i charted it myself this time are you happy subscribe to rabbits
  • Friday Night Funkin’ The Tricky Mod is a new game on our FNF Games site. Let's explore the new game and find the right rhythm to dance to at the end of a workweek The game runs for several weeks and contains several game modules. These are Normal, Hard, and Easy.
Published 23 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android


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i played it and the song was very amazing! its on the week 1

Its a great mod and I knew what was coming when I saw disappearance on the list of songs

And. The mods I make are for 64 Bit PCs or anything else.

Mobile, Linux or Mac...I don`t really know.

So, Linux and Mac users have to figure it out

I will make more mods soon for Friday Night Funkin.

I`m working on 1 right now. The mod is a surprise! Wait for the mod to come out.

I have made alot of progress...

It might be coming out very soon!

Maybe even today ?

I`ll make another post after I complete making the mod.


Bro this is so good you did a great job dude. sub to pickle zuz :)

Friday Night Funkin Complete Game

No . i thank you for creating this MASTERPIECE i bet it took awhile you put alot of effort in this im sure your loved by many

It did....But it`s ok.

I will make another mod tomorrow.


I`ve been working on it.·View all by have_candywuq2·Report·Embed·

Popular content-sharing website Newgrounds has crashed as a result of being overwhelmed by demand for the latest update to Friday Night Funkin', the wildly popular rhythm game. The crash is a testament to the game's staying power, as its popularity has only grown over the last few months despite being incomplete.

Friday Night Funkin' tells the story of The Boyfriend, who is ecstatic to be in a relationship with The Girlfriend. Unfortunately for The Boyfriend, The Girlfriend's parents are demons, and over the course of many weeks, The Boyfriend has to survive many rap battles to sustain his relationship. While the gameplay draws very heavily from Dance Dance Revolution, its charming character designs, catchy music, and clever references have quickly endeared the game to many Internet users, who eagerly look forward to each content update.

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While fans knew the game's Week 7 update would go live sometime in the near future, it was unexpectedly dropped on the Newgrounds site midway through Sunday. While the game normally has a dedicated web version, the update first went live on Newgrounds, promptly causing the site to crash. The game disappeared from the site soon after, with Newgrounds promising to improve infrastructure and get the game back online quickly.

A certain game is crashing the site due to an influx of traffic, enjoy a classic while we get back online. #FNFweek7

— (@Newgrounds) April 18, 2021

Newsgrounds' tweet includes a segment of the TANKMEN animated series, which is appropriate, since Friday Night Funkin's Week 7 update is themed around it. The TANKMEN series depicts a grim and crudely humorous post-apocalyptic world, and many may recognize it from the Newgrounds logo. Given the range of references included in Friday Night Funkin', it's not surprising to see the game add another one. That said, it is quite a jump from Week 6, in which The Boyfriend appeared to enter a cursed dating simulator game.

While Friday Night Funkin' is a fun game, its longevity may just stem from the creativity of its fan base. Fans have written clever lyrics for each week's songs, created a number of well-regarded mods, posted great remixes of the game's songs, and much more. Most impressively, fans have been able to make exciting crossover mods with PaRappa the Rapper and other characters that could likely not be done in the official game for legal reasons.

Friday Night Funkin The Game

It's an exciting time for rhythm games beyond the success of Friday Night Funkin'. In addition to the release of high-profile rhythm games like Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, upcoming indie titles like Unbeatable have sold gamers on the promise of simple and addicting rhythm gameplay. Plus, with the newly-launched Kickstarter for Friday Night Funkin', fans will be seeing much more of The Boyfriend in the future.

Friday night funkin game

Friday Night Funkin' is available on Newgrounds and for in-browser play.

Friday Night Funkin Full Game Scratch

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Friday Night Funkin Mod

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