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Remote Computer Labs

Connect to the university-wide Cornell VPN (Cisco AnyConnect). Click here for instructions. Log in with the username 'cornellNetID' and your NetID password. (Note: the 'cornell' part is required. The slanted line is a backslash not a slash (/). Capitalization does not matter). Install CU VPN for Windows. Install the Cisco AnyConnect software to connect to Cornell's VPN service. You must have administrative privileges to install the software. Can't Install: VPN.pkg Is Damaged. When installing the CU VPN software on a Mac, you see a message saying the VPN.pkg is damaged. Connect to Cornell VPN (Cisco AnyConnect). Click here for instructions. Enter in the address bar of a browser of your choice (Note: including the part may be required depending on browser). Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client Secure VPN access for remote workers For organizations of all sizes that need to protect sensitive data at scale, Duo is the user-friendly zero-trust security platform for all users, all devices and all applications.


  • Microsoft Remote Desktop application:
    • MacOS: Download from the App Store: Link to App Store for Microsoft Remote Desktop
    • Windows: Included. Search for Microsoft Remote Desktop in the Start Menu
    • Linux: Download Remmina
  • If you are off campus:
    • Cornell VPN: Downloads and instructions can be found here: Link to Cornell Cisco AnyConnect VPN
  • If you are on campus:
    • Connect to RedRover or Eduroam Wifi

To Connect to Remote Lab computers:

ClearCornell Cisco Anyconnect
  1. View the lab availability here:
  2. Click Connect to download and run the Remote Desktop connection file.
  3. Connect using <netid> and NetID password.
  4. When Finished, Sign Out of the computer: Right-click the Start Menu, choose Shutdown or Sign out > Sign Out

Cornell Cisco Anyconnect Student


Cornell Cisco Anyconnect Student

  • Internet connectivity is limited from lab computers.
  • After 60 minutes of idle time, accounts will be signed out.