Cisco Vpn Client 5.0

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If you have upgraded from Windows 7/8 and need to install the Cisco VPN client then you can use the following instructions on how to cleanly install it or fix a bad install of it after upgrading to Windows 10.

The Cisco Systems VPN Client was a software application for connecting to a virtual private network.The client makes remote resources of another network available in a secure way as if the user was connected directly to that 'private' network. VPN Client added support for 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7. The client uses profile configuration files (.pcf) that store VPN passwords either hashed with type 7, or stored as plaintext. A vulnerability has been identified, and those passwords can easily be decoded using software or online services.

7 Steps total

Step 1: Uninstall Cisco VPN Client if it was already installed

Uninstall Cisco VPN client from the PC. (If you get and error trying to uninstall, you may need to install DNE updater first)

Step 2: Uninstall DNE updater software


Uninstall any DNE updater software that may be installed. After uninstalling run a registry clean (you can use CCleaner if you like). Then reboot your PC.

Step 3: Run Winfix.exe

After reboot run Winfix.exe from here.
After you run the cleanup reboot your PC again.

Step 4: Install Sonicwall VPN client

SonicWall VPN is will install the DNE service that will work with Windows 10. Install the SonicWALL VPN found here. and then reboot your PC.

(You do not need to launch the SonicWALL client, merely installing the client will install the proper DNE services)

Step 5: Reinstall/Install Cisco VPN client version

Cisco vpn client 5.0.7

Download latest Cisco VPN client from Cisco or from here
Extract the zip file to a temp location (uncheck run exe after extraction).
Navigate to the temp folder and run the MSI installer (not the exe) to install the VPN client. Reboot the PC

Step 6: Apply Registry fix.

•Open regedit
•Browse to the registry key HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesCVirtA
•Select the display name to modify:
•x64 - '@oem8.ifn,%CVirtA_Desc%;Cisco Systems VPN Adapter for 64-bit Windows' to 'Cisco Systems VPN Adapter for 64-bit Windows'
Reboot your PC.

Step 7: Launch Cisco VPN client to ensure that it lauches.

After you verify that the VPN client launches you can then uninstall the SonicWALL VPN client and you should be able to once again use the Cisco VPN client.

Cisco Systems Vpn Client 5.0

Cisco Vpn Client 5.0

Cisco Vpn Client 5.0.07 Download

Published: Aug 18, 2015 · Last Updated: Aug 19, 2015

Cisco Vpn Client 5.0.7 Download


  • Fix found at Gleescape


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Cisco Vpn Client 5.0.07 Download 32 Bit

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