Cisco Anyconnect Not Connecting

Cisco AnyConnect Management VPN Tunnel not connecting I am trying to get Cisco AnyConnect Management VPN Tunnel working. User tunnels are working fine, and if I put my Management tunnel config as a user tunnel it connects fine with the computer certificate.

Cisco Anyconnect Not Connecting

  1. I am using a MacBook Pro and Cisco's AnyConnect VPN v3.0575. I am the only one in the office out of dozens of users not able to connect to the VPN. IT has checked my laptop and said the problem is something in the Verizon network or router blocking me. I am using the Actiontec MI424-WR, Rev E FiOS router.
  2. It seems like it's not staying connected steadily to one network (because there are two now). My Network and Sharing looks a little weird as well. I don't have another Windows 7 computer to compare this against. I've posted my Cisco AnyConnect log for when it hooks to my wireless (not VPN), and also a picture of what I'm seeing here.

AnyConnect VPN Client FAQ

See full list on cisco.comTopics Map > Networking > Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

After connecting to the VPN client, Internet connectivity stops working (including network shared drives). The network connection may show up as 'Local Connection Only.'

These steps are adapted from:
On Windows 7:
1. Click on the Start button.
2. In the search box, type ncpa.cpl. Press Enter.
3. The Network Connections window should open. Right click on the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client Connection. Click on Properties
4. Select the Networking tab.
5. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) from 'This connection uses the following items.'
6. Click on Properties. Click on Advanced. Make sure there is nothing listed under Default gateway using the Remove button to remove any that are there.
7. Close the Network Connections window. Attempt to connect to the VPN and then the Internet.
Windows 8, 8.1, 10:
Instead of using the Start button, begin with the Search tool. The rest of the Windows 7 steps will work for Windows 8.

A customer did submit this tidbit:

Cisco ASA 5500 Series Adaptive Security Appliances

My computer had a software named Connectify which is used for creating ad-hoc. And in the adapter settings there was an option regarding connectify. I disabled it and everything worked fine.

Troubleshoot Common AnyConnect Communication Issues ... - Cisco

Technology Services note: Any software that allows you to share your computer's network connection with others will interfere with the VPN. Uninstall or disable the software, reboot your computer, and try the VPN again.

Cisco Anyconnect Not Connecting