Chrome And Edge Not Working

  • Hi, I found how to customize it to my needs, so you dont need to answer my precedent topic/help, thanks. New problem is that the wheel is working fine in Firefox but not on Edge or Chrome. In those browsers the wheel takes all the page and there is no enter your name and email boxes. So users cant turn the wheel and get disappointed. No scrolling either. Thanks for your advice. Check

Chrome And Edge Not Working Windows 10

  • Hi @phil2019

    The plugin is working fine for us on Edge and Chrome. There can be a CSS conflict on your site.

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It's Chrome Vs Edge and Google is not pulling any punches when it comes to maintaining its huge browser dominance. Here's the reason for the new warning. I'm Greg, an installation specialist and 9 year Windows MVP here to help you. Actually, Microsoft doesn't think that. Edge is being scrapped and rebuilt on the Chrome chassis and will be re-released soon.


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I have been working to resolve these issues since I started our Windows 10 rollout. We have been auditing several solutions, but have run into issues with on premise AD/ (hybrid solution) and on premise applications paired with hosted applications. There does not seem to be a robust solution to handle all of the variables we are looking at.

Edge Blocking Chrome Install

My experience:

Chrome And Edge Not Working On Computer

1. Edge only handles SSO with a Microsoft account reliably. There are still the issues I mentioned above.

Microsoft Edge And Chrome Not Working

2. Chrome does not play well with AD or SSO unless you have the Google ADM/ ADMX solutions. Google does have a paid solution, but part of my role is to keep it cheap.