Ccleaner Browser For Mac

Using Cleaner in a device is precisely like sweeping through the house, which has to be as efficient as possible. The Cleaner has to be something that scans the entire system thoroughly & cleans it up by decluttering all unwanted things. For every system, the functionalities differ & that’s where the Cleaner needs to be customized enough to adapt accordingly.

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CCleaner for Mac allows you all the flexibility you need. Select exactly what you want cleaned, include or exclude custom files or folders and choose which cookies to keep or delete. Which CCleaner version is right for you? Web browsers, native apps, third-party programs, and system services create caches of files on your Mac all the time. These caches do consume storage, but they also help speed things up. For example, the next time you visit Switching to Mac, your browser will load it much quicker due to cached site data.

Be it the latest version of Windows 10 or one of the most secure operating systems Mac; they need the best Cleaner to keep the trash files as much away as possible. That is why we are here to talk about CCleaner that’s been considered as the best Mac cleaner.

Ccleaner Browser For Mac Download

  1. As well as adding files or folders to the Include section of the Options area, you must also tell CCleaner for Mac you want to clean custom files and folders. You can do this in the Cleaner section before you run a Cleaning scan: In CCleaner for Mac, click the Cleaner icon at left.
  2. One of the primary features touted by CCleaner is the fact that it “protects your privacy” by erasing your browser search history and browser cookies. The reality is that people usually use one primary browser on their computer, and these days privacy features are built right into the browsers themselves to automatically clean up cookies and search history.
  3. The Features of CCleaner Pro Mac Full Version: Cleaner From mac OS Web browser History. Temporary Internet files, Cookies, Index data last download location. Finder removes recent documents, Thumbnail Cache, and Taskbar jump lists.

So, let’s understand what CCleaner is & if it’s the best junk cleaner for Mac:

What is CCleaner?

Claimed as the best Mac cleaner to fix a slow Mac, CCleaner tops the list with high distinctions. For any machine to work in good order, maintenance, oiling, & polishing is required along with the essential thing, cleaning out the junk. Just imagine if we don’t perform any of these actions, the machine will fail miserably and its lifespan will be much lesser. Started in 2004, Mac storage cleaner has reached almost every part of the world with a satisfying crowd all along.

This is where the Mechanic comes in & cleans out the junk to make the car new again & similarly, CCleaner kicks in to help a device work faster (if working slowly) & cleans out the junk files.

What Does a CCleaner Do?

A simple question with unlimited answers, CCleaner performs every action from scanning the system thoroughly, listing out the junk files, & clearing out the junk to make more space on your Mac.

The websites you visit while working online also leave temp files on the hard drive that also need to be deleted for various reasons. If you want to go ahead & delete the temp files manually, you can do so but know that it will take a hell of a time to eliminate each of them separately. Wherein, Mac storage cleaner does this whole operation within seconds effectively.

What CCleaner For Mac Means?

Ccleaner Browser For Mac

In simple words, to keep the Mac running smoothly, whatever it takes, CCleaner will do. From optimization to being a disk cleaner for Mac, CCleaner can perform every task better to make your Mac faster, glitch-free, & flawless.

For example, while working on Mac, many applications leave residual files even if you closed them. CCleaner helps out with clearing out space for you by deleting those unnecessary files.

Different Version of CCleaner For Mac

Since the Mac cleaner tool performs too many actions, different versions help you around with various functionalities. The versions are Free & Professional.

Free version: This CCleaner version is the free one that can help you keep your Mac running faster & smoother. Additionally, it clears out all the potentially dangerous files that can hamper your Mac.

Professional version: The licensed version of Mac cleaner tool includes Free version & additional functions such as real-time monitoring, premium services, privacy protection, auto-updates, & whatnot.

The different versions of CCleaner can be found here to be downloaded.

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What Features a CCleaner for Mac Must-Have?

The different features to clean out your Mac are “Analyze & Run cleaner” that you can find when you open the CCleaner. Additionally, there will be a long list of options that are cleanup categories, including system trash files, recently used applications, internet browsing history, Safari history, cache, & user downloads.

Your next step is to choose the cleanup options from the list (as much as you want) & tap on Analyze switch. The auto work will start, and within no time, the disk cleaner for Mac will display the unnecessary files that can be removed from your Mac. Also, the app will show how many files it can delete & how much space will be freed for reuse on your Mac.


Once you have been through the soon-to-be-deleted-items, tap on Run Cleaner & the unneeded files will be removed from your system.

Ccleaner Browser For Mac

Please know that deleting/removing the unneeded files won’t break anything on your Mac. But it’s already given advice that you must take backup of everything you are trying to delete from your Mac. Having backup of soon-to-be-deleted-files comes handy in case you need any file back for various reasons. Also, if you aren’t using CCleaner for Mac professional version, it won’t remind you to clean your Mac.

It’s advisable to keep cleaning your Mac once in a week; however, sometimes, it depends on how often we are using the system. There are users who believe in running CCleaner at the end of every day. Just using CCleaner doesn’t make your system immune, so you need to adhere to security practices. Also, keep a reasonable distance from visiting websites that contain malicious cookies or have geographical limitations.

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In case, you accidentally delete any of the essential files from your system, it will be impossible to get it back using CCleaner for Mac. As the tool is all about cleaning up space on your Mac, it’s highly unlikely to get the data recovery from the same.

The only option that can help you get your data back is Right Backup that is the easiest, safest and most secure online storage.

A ‘Smart Restore’ option is embedded in the Right Backup tool that helps you restore data quickly. Additionally, the ‘Custom Restore’ option lets you restore the files manually.

Ccleaner Browser For Mac

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Flaws in Cleaner For Mac. Is There Any?

There is nothing called a “Perfect platform” when it comes to breach in. Many loopholes can lead to becoming a victim of cybercrime. There was an incident with the 32-bit Windows version of CCleaner v5.33 with Trojan that led to infecting more than 2 million computers.

For the incident, Microsoft stated, “Trojan:Win32/Floxif.A is a malicious program that is unable to spread of its own accord. It may perform several actions of an attacker’s choice on an affected computer”.

A trojan is something that can open a backdoor on the infected computers. This allows hackers or attackers to enter the system from the second stage and deliver an additional payload.

The plan of action came into existence when the next version CCleaner 5.34 patched the security flaw. Though the damage had been done already, the good thing is that CCleaner for Mac hasn’t been compromised ever.

Just download the software from the official website & don’t forget to use anything but the latest version.

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CCleaner For Mac Reviews From Users

A significant percentage of the users are quite satisfied with the overall software, including price, user interface, & whatnot. The credibility gets counted when you know that users are quite satisfied with the product. Checkout the Ccleaner for Mac review as below:

“If you’re looking to give your OS X laptop or desktop a shot of new life, CCleaner is a solid choice. It’s free, simple to use, and most importantly, effective.” – Jeffrey L. Wilson (PCMag)

It’s not a review. However, CNET shares the statistics on users adopting CCleaner for Mac – “CCleaner boasts an excellent average user rating of 4.5 stars, with over 4200 users giving the application 5 stars.”

Wrapping Up

CCleaner for Mac has been considered as the most secure tool that helps with the smooth flow of work & processes. The ultimate disk cleaner for Mac, CCleaner clears out space on the system that can be reused for other applications. Deleting unnecessary & junk files so accurately has made millions of users opt for the best Cleaner for Mac.

Must Read:

Are you looking for the best CCleaner alternatives in 2021 then you are in the right place. CCleaner is widely used by every Windows user. It is extremely useful for the deletion of useless files and thus it frees up space in your hard drive. It is one of the oldest disks clean up tool which helps in the deletion of unnecessary files from your disk. This is an amazing tool and if you are looking for the best Ccleaner alternative In 2020 then check the list.

Currently, there are hundreds of CCleaner alternatives available. A few of them are even better than the CCleaner itself. You may find it difficult to install them one by one and chose one out of them.

Best CCleaner Alternatives (2021)

So, here on this page, we will discuss the 12 most famous CCleaner alternatives in 2020.

1. Iobit Advanced System Care – Best Overall PC Tools

It removed junk almost equal to CCleaner when tested. It could be better without ads to stand out among the best CCleaner alternatives. But when it comes to performance it is best for your PC. Advanced System care keeps your system healthy by removing unnecessary junk and speeds up your pc.

Pros – It includes a CPU/RAM monitor that runs separately on your desktop. Also, it has all the pro features of the CCleaner. Hence you can consider using this as a better alternative to CCleaner

Cons – The installation has unwanted pop-ups. Moreover, you need to install some tools separately like Driver booster, etc.

Available Platform : (Windows, Mac)

2. Iolo System Mechanic

Usually, many PC users must have experienced that their system doesn’t work efficiently with time. It’s just because of the loaded files and data in the computer. To improve the working efficiency of your PC, you can opt for Iolo System Mechanic. This amazing software helps your PC improve its performance, removes junk files, executing RAM in real-time, and enhances the working of other applications. To know about it properly, let’s get into the features of this software.


  • It provides you with the clean-up tools to remove the trash data in one single click.
  • The software provides its users with the Power Sense feature that automatically detects the work going on in the PC and adjust the power settings according to it.
  • It has a Privacy Shield that protects your data from leaking.
  • This software comes with a Power Accelerator that manages all the files and data.

3. Clean My PC

Ccleaner Browser For Mac Os

It’s user-friendly and is considered to be the best CCleaner alternative. It is not going to disappoint you in any task that you perform.

Pros – It comes with every tool that CCleaner has and hence it can be an efficient CCleaner alternative.

Cons – This is available for a windows machine.

Available Platform : (Windows)

4. Ashampoo Win Optimizer 2019


Version 2019 is capable of doing far beyond what others can. It’s a performance boosts, cleans and optimizes the performance of your Windows system.

Pros – It removes internet traces and provides detailed benchmark results. Hence it can be used as a similar software tool like CCleaner.

Cons – It lacks a health widget and also consumes more CPU in the background.

5. Wise Disk Cleaner

It is available with Common Cleaner which deletes temporary files and browser history etc. while Advanced Cleaner scans your drive for specific file types. It comes with built-in disk derangement, junk scanner, and all other basic necessary tools that lift it among other CCleaner alternatives.

Pros – It has a separate cleaner for deep cleaning.

Cons – it doesn’t allow recovery once the files are deleted.

6. Avast Cleanup

Avast cleanup speed up your computer by removing annoying bloatware. A plus point feature that makes it better than CCleaner is that it automatically updates your applications. It’s one of the best CCleaner alternatives when comes to speed. You can read the complete Avast Cleanup Premium Reviewhere.

Pros – You can get a quick comprehension of your computer’s health. It spots and eliminates unwanted third-party toolbars and ads. For this reason, it acts as an efficient CCleaner alternative.

Cons – it has limited tools unless you pay.

Available Platform : (Windows, Mac and Android)

7. Bleachbit

It’s a very solid CCleaner alternative. It’s an open-source application which indicates that it is completely free.

Pros – It has no ads and background running process and thus acts as a great CCleaner alternative for windows 10.

Cons – The only thing it lacks is an option to back up the files before removing them. You cannot recover a file once you delete them.

Available Platform : (Windows, Mac, Linux and Android)

Is Bleachbit better than Ccleaner?

It is a popular CCleaner like software. Both the application has its pros and cons. But CCleaner has always been liked more.

8. Clean Master official

Clean master separates your files in categories so that it can clean the junk without running the complete tool. It removes junk and temporary files in a more organized way. Hence it can act as a good CCleaner like tool.

Pros – It resolves system lag releasing the CPU load. It also has a tool like a file shredder. It is can be utilized in Android, Windows, and Mac.

Cons – The full version of this application requires a few bucks. Hence if you want to use this software as similar to CCleaner you may give it a second thought.

Available Platform : (Windows, Mac and Android)

9. AVG PC Tuneup

AVG PC Tune-up is better with low RAM PC. It removes all unwanted junk programs and bloatware in just one click.

Pros – It’s lightweight and has a built-in sleep mode technology to increase performance. If you are a Mac user, this can undeniably be the best CCleaner alternative for mac.

Available Platform : (Windows, Mac and Android)

10. Norton clean junk removal

When it comes to system optimization, how one can forget the tool from the best Antivirus firm. Norton junk removal tool is a little late in this list but can stand out well if you are looking for a true CCleaner alternative.

Pros – It is an application from a trusted Antivirus Firm. It’s very easy to use, thanks to a clean and smooth UI.So if you are thinking of a good CCleaner alternative you can consider utilizing this

Cons – You can’t retrieve once the file is deleted and it also comes with very limited tools.

Available Platform : ( Android)

11. Advanced System Optimizer

This can clean your hard drive and runs your PC faster. Hence if you are looking for a good CCleaner alternative you can consider utilizing this software

Pros – If you are a gamer then it’s best for you and it can be the best CCleaner like software in that case

Cons – Some tools are unavailable. Also, the application is not available for Mac and Linux.

Available Platform : (Windows)

12. System Ninja

This is a popular CCleaner alternative for PC optimization and RAM management. It mainly focuses on removing unnecessary files and improving system speed.

Pros – It clean junk from browsers and comes with one-click optimization. It’s lightweight and comes with a duplicate file finder tool.

Cons – It’s only available for windows.

13. Glary utilities

This is another CCleaner type software with 42 million users worldwide. It offers you a wide variety of tools to maximize the performance of your device. It has many additional tools CCleaner doesn’t have in its free versions like file shredder, file encrypter, and memory optimization tool.

Ccleaner Professional For Mac

Pros – This can compromise for more than 20+tools.

Cons – This not available for Linux.

Why Ccleaner is Good For Windows and Mac

Several virus-infected files can also be efficiently removed by this tool. Hence if you want to boost your system’s performance and work at an increased pace you should use CCleaner for windows or you may even consider using an efficient CCleaner alternative. The CCleaner software the software became popular soon enough after its release and earned the trust of millions of users over the years. It became popular worldwide and then later it was acquired by Avast.

Hence if your system is lagging in speed you may consider deleting unwanted files left by programs like Microsoft Edge, Windows Media player, Adobe Flash Player, Win RAR, Win Zip, GIMP, and browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome etc. It results in the cleaning process of the browsing history, form history, cookies, memory dumps etc.

Best Ccleaner Alternatives 2021 – Conclusion

So this is the amazing list of pc cleaner tools that are presented in the form of an alternative to CCleaner.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What is the best alternative to CCleaner

CleanMyPc is the best CCleaner alternative. It is a popular software and is free to download. It is available with the updated applications, powerful tools, and cleaning software.

Q2. Is CCleaner safe now ?

It is owned by Avast Security in 2020 and the company is known to provide the products that are safe to use. Beware if you download it unofficially.

Q3. Is Bleachbit better than CCleaner ?

Bleachbit is another software like CCleaner. Both the application has its pros and cons. But CCleaner has always better liked.

Q4. Should I remove CCleaner?

Ccleaner For Mac Catalina

Bleachbit is another software like CCleaner. Both the application has its pros and cons. But CCleaner has always better liked.

Q5. Does CCleaner still have malware?

As mentioned earlier the application is owned by Avast Security. There is nothing to be worried about.

Q6. Is CCleaner still hacked?

It is not possible to hack CCleaner these days. When you consider using a CCleaner alternative you should be mindful of the security features.

Conclusion – Ccleaner Alternatives 2021

It is increasingly important to delete the junk files from your system which makes it sluggish. Temporary internet files, downloaded program files, thumbnails etc. keeps piling up in your system without you realizing it. Hence the above tools can be used as a CCleaner alternative to optimize your system’s performance.

However, the Ccleaner tool has some limitations as well. For instance, it cannot defragment the hard drive or it cannot recover the already deleted files. Many people do not want to utilize the CCleaner 2020 and consider using software like CCleaner as the professional version is not free. You might want a limited sized application that can assure you of its simplicity for simplifying your machine. You may as well get bored of its UI and you want to explore the other better options available in the market. Hence in such scenarios, you can consider utilizing some popular alternatives of CCleaner.

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