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Duplicates have always been so hassling that we always look out for a magic wand that can delete all of them in a go and we can sit back and relax. Well, this is possible in real and no magic wand is required to clean all the duplicates that are there on your Mac. Wondering how? Well, the best solution is to get a powerful duplicate photo cleaner for Mac.

The best tool you can use to find duplicate pictures is iMyMac PowerMyMac ’ Duplicate Finder. This tool easily locates duplicate videos, music, documents, and pictures on your system. You can easily delete them with only a few clicks. It helps you free up more space within your Mac including MacBooks, MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, and iMacs. Download Duplicate Photos Cleaner for macOS 10.8 or later and enjoy it on your Mac. $19.99 - $1.99 FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! #1 Fastest duplicate scanning algorithm on the Mac App Store! True SHA-1 checksum file compare for pinpoint accuracy. Also scans Photos, iPhoto, and Photo Booth libraries for duplicates!

A dedicated duplicate photo finder and remover helps you get rid of identical or similar looking images once in a go. All these duplicate photos take up a lot of space on your device and makes it slow. To fix all this up, you need free or paid duplicate photo cleaners or removers that can easily find all those replicas or hidden copies.

Why Is A Duplicate File Finder & Remover Important?

With 4.5 stars rating on Mac App Store, Disk Clean Pro is one of the highest-rated duplicate files removers for Mac. It can clean redundant files and make sure that your important data is never deleted without your consent. If you’re looking for the best way to remove duplicate photos on Mac, then all you need is the best duplicate photo cleaner for Mac. Gemini 2 from MacPaw is one such application that makes the process of finding and erasing duplicate photos from Mac fast and effortless.

An ideal duplicate photo remover tool just takes a quick scan and helps you find and filter all your duplicates. The manual process of finding and removing duplicates takes up a lot of time and effort. Therefore, we have listed here some of the best deals of duplicates finder and remover to help you keep your Mac storage organized. It further helps in removing a considerable amount of disk space.

Top 10 Duplicate Photo Finder and Cleaner For Mac 2021

1. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro- The Best Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Download Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Finding and removing duplicate pictures on Mac has been made easy with Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro software for Mac. This is a product by Systweak that is reliable, fast and easy to use. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is also available for Windows and Android platforms. With this tool, you can add individual photos, folders, or entire photo libraries to scan for any available duplicates. Not only this, you can also identify similar looking photos i.e. a picture in burst mode, or photo shopped etc. It detects all the picture duplicates whether identical or clearly a duplicate with its features as per your requirements. You can slide the bar of Matching Level, Bitmap Size, Time Interval and GPS to change the geolocation.


Finds duplicates and identical photos to save Mac’s space.

Easy-to-navigate interface.

Results displayed in groups.

2. Gemini 2: Clean All Kinds Of Duplicates Including Photos

Gemini 2 is a smart tool to find and remove duplicates on your Mac, recovering a lot of storage space in the system. When you add a folder for scabbing, it helps you get a list of all duplicates or similar photos on the screen in a while. As per Gemini 2, ‘Your photos matter, their copies don’t’. This is a simple yet user-friendly tool that gives accurate results at a lighting speed and is counted amongst the best duplicate finders for Mac. It’s smart and robust algorithm makes it a must-have choice for the Mac users.


Easy to navigate interface for both beginners and experienced users.

A high-end image detection technique to get a list of identical images.

Also allows you to clean identical images from an external drive.

3. Duplicate File Finder Remover: Tool That Merge Duplicates

Duplicate Photo Finder and Remover for Mac has fast scanning algorithms that makes it a must have tool in the list of duplicate finders. This amazing tool can help you find duplicates on Mac easily in and around multiple folders and drives. Furthermore it supports external drives too. You can search for them according to their file type, file list etc. With its free version, you can view all the duplicates on Mac, get it’s visual report, check for cleanup hints, and more. You can also look for duplicate photos stored in trash and delete them within a click. The premium version lets you use all the features including remove similar photos, merge folders and even restore the removed duplicates.


Several customization options available.

Preview files before deleting them.

User-friendly interface.


Access advanced features after paying for premium.

4. PhotoSweeper X: Clean Duplicate in A Go

Duplicates Cleaner App

Let us introduce you with the duplicate picture cleaner that can help you filter the gallery and auto-locks the pictures that has been filtered so that you do not get confused with the sorted and not sorted pictures. PhotoSweeper X is an amazing duplicate photo cleaner software that auto detects and deletes duplicates and identical pictures grouped together at a place on your Mac. Additionally, this amazing tool analyzes iPhoto as well. The tool lets you rename the files in bulk and move them to another folder. You can also make some personal customizations like, you can view photos ‘one by one’, ‘face to face’, and ‘All in one’. You can also recover the deleted photos from trash as well if you haven’t manually deleted everything from the Trash.


Supports a wide array of file formats

Tweak its settings frequently.

Clean duplicates from both internal and external drives.

5. Cisdem Duplicate Finder +: Get Graphical Representation of Duplicates

Cisdem Duplicate Finder + lets you look for real search results that not only compares the file names but also compares the content within. It ensures that the accuracy is maintained. It scans your Mac inside out for any duplicate photos and files including both inside and external hard drives. The scan speed of this awesome tool is really commendable and the USP of this tool is that it delivers scan results in real-time. Lastly, it makes you understand which photos are taking too much space on your Mac. Get rid of all duplicates in a go with Cisdem Duplicate Finder +.


Enticing and easy-to-use interface.

Detects similar images and files despite different file names.

Saves time with its faster scanning feature.

No option to exclude folders while scanning.


6. Duplicate Photo Cleaner: A Simple Tool For Beginners

Duplicate Photo Cleaner is a multiplatform tool that is also available for Windows. It supports image similarity finding function that helps you accurately find duplicates and remove them in a go. It has a distinct image comparison algorithm that it follows to determine duplicate images stored on your Mac. Duplicate Photo Cleaner is a host to special scan mode, flexible settings, and more options. The tool is even used by professional photographers who keeps trying to get free space taken over by multiple duplicates of an image. Organize your photo album with this super easy duplicate finder and remover for Mac.


Multi-platform utility tool. Also compatible with Windows.

Organize photos in different albums.

Simple interface.

7. Easy Duplicate Finder: Remove Duplicates From Cloud

Easy Duplicate Finder, as the name suggests, is an easy-to-use duplicate finder and remover for macOS. Even the beginners are quite comfortable using this duplicate finder and along with them there are a large number of professionals who use its powerful technology to search for duplicates in and around the device. You can find similar images from HDD, SSD, and Cloud storages. It works well on both Windows and Mac. When it comes to the image formats this tool supports, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF etc. tops the list. You can always use its advanced filters to find and remove duplicates on Mac.


Can clean duplicate photos, videos and music.

10+ scan modes for file management.

Find duplicates from both iPhotos and Photos.


A bit slow and expensive duplicate finder and remover.

8. Disk Drill: Scan multiple locations and folders

Disk Drill is yet another amazing duplicate photo cleaner and remover for Mac. It is easy to install and understand for both beginners and pro users. You can scan for any duplicates with the filters that say Auto, Old or Newest files first accordingly. When you select a particular filter, the duplicates will be found and removed as per your choice and the other ones will be kept intact. It is called one of the best free duplicate photo cleaner due to its offerings in the free trial version. You need not have to invest at and you can save a significant amount of space on your Mac quickly.


User-friendly interface that is quite easy to navigate.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Scans for all kinds of duplicates.

Choose from manual and auto-cleaning functionality.

9. DupeGuru: Customizable Photo Cleaner Tool

Last but not the least. If you are looking for a basic duplicate finder and remover tool with not much advanced features, DupeGuru comes handy. It is a simple duplicate cleaner tool that not only scans for photos but also scans for almost all file formats. You can, however, use the filters to ease scanning and reviewing process of the results loaded. For those, who just need a basic tool to find and remove duplicates on Mac, DupeGuru is a great tool to consider. With the scanning in process, you’ll be able to see the real time results. Mark and delete the duplicate ones to save space on your Mac.


Free and easy-to-use duplicate photo cleaner.

Supports several file formats.

Multi-lingual tool.

Wrapping Up

That’s all folks! This is how you can easily find and remove duplicate photos from your Mac with no hassle to manually find and remove duplicates. Check these awesome tools and do let us know if you find them useful or not. Also, let us know what has made you choose the particular product. Do tell us if we have missed on any of the best duplicate file finders and removers for Mac.

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/Mac Cleaner /Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto: Overview + Alternative

Duplicate Cleaner 4 Pro

Photos can take up a large space within our Mac computers. This is true even for mobile devices. So, you’d have to make sure that you remove duplicates of the best version of the photo to save up more space within your drive. One such tool you can grab is Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto. This tool is essentially a duplicate finder of photos. So, you can use it to find other photos that may be similar or even totally identical to the original one.

Here, we will talk about Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto. We will show you some of its features. In addition, we will talk about the steps to use it. Our article will also recommend the best software to remove duplicate photos (and the steps to use it). Finally, we will end with an overview of the Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto is safe or not.

Article GuidePart 1. What Is Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto?Part 2. How Do I Use Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto?Part 3. What Is The Best Duplicate Photo Remover?Part 4. Is Photos Duplicate Cleaner Safe?

Part 1. What Is Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto?

So, what is Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto? Actually, this is an application you can find in the Mac App Store. It allows you to find and remove duplicates. Developed by a software company, it makes sure that iPhotos becomes thinner and faster by removing duplicates and putting them to the Trash.

Key Features:

  • It helps to scan your entire Photos Library or iPhotos Library for unnecessary duplicate images.
  • It helps to locate videos that are duplicates of the original.
  • It helps to locate the different edited copies of the original image.
  • Duplicates are searched very quickly.
  • It displays or shows multiple copies of the original items. These are clustered into groups for easy comprehension and viewing.
  • It can be used to delete all the duplicates that are unnecessary. This is done with a few simple clicks.
  • The deletion process is completely safe. It won’t delete important system files.
  • You can also use it to clean up your Trash. In this way, you can save more storage space within your system.
  • Management of photos is possible with the tool as well.

Part 2. How Do I Use Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto?

So, how do you use Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto? We will discuss this here. Here are the steps on how to use Duplicate Cleaner for iPhoto to delete duplicates in iPhoto:

  1. Download The Tool. Of course, the first step is to download Duplicate Finder For iPhoto. You can get it from the App Store on Mac.
  2. Open Your iPhoto App. Now, on your Mac computer, you should launch your iPhoto app first. If Photostream is activated, you should go to iPhoto and then go to Preferences. And then after that, go to iCloud. Make sure the option to My Photo Stream is toggled off or unchecked.
  3. Launch Duplicate Cleaner. After that is complete, you have to launch Duplicate Cleaner on your Mac.
  4. After that, within the interface of Duplicate Finder, you should click the “Scan” button.
  5. Follow Prompts. The next thing you should do is to confirm the process when the pop-up appears. Do this by clicking Next and then choosing iPhoto Library. After that, the scanning process will initiate.
  6. Wait For The Scan To Complete. After the scanning process is complete, you will notice that Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto will show you the different duplicate found and the amount of space you can save if you delete these duplicate images.
  7. Preview And Delete Duplicates. Now, duplicates can be found on the left side of the interface. If you believe that Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto did a good job at finding duplicates, you simply press “Move To iPhoto Trash”.
  8. Empty Trash. The final thing you can do is to click “Empty Trash” within the iPhoto’s sidebar. In this way, the photos won't take up much space anymore.

So, that’s how to use Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto easily. The steps are actually easy to follow. Plus, the interface is kind of neat.

Apple Photos Duplicate Cleaner Download

Part 3. What Is The Best Duplicate Photo Remover?

The best duplicate photo remover which can be the best alternative to Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto is iMyMac PowerMyMac and its module called Duplicate Finder. So, what is iMyMac PowerMyMac? It’s a tool that helps speed up your Mac computer to help you remove and uninstall unnecessary files or apps within your system. It cleans up a lot of junk within your Mac computer, including duplicate images.

How Do I Remove Duplicates From iPhoto With iMyMac PowerMyMac?

To remove duplicates from iMyMac PowerMyMac and use it as an alternative to Duplicate Cleaner for iPhoto, follow the steps below:


Step 01. Download, Install and Launch iMyMac PowerMyMac

The first thing you should do is to download iMyMac PowerMyMac from the website. Install the software, then launch it on your Mac computer. It’s a great Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto alternative.

Step 02. Click Duplicate Finder And Scan

Next, click the Duplicate Finder module on the left sidebar. Click Scan to find all duplicate images within iPhoto. Wait for the results to come in. Then, preview the files that are regarded as duplicates.

Step 03. Delete Duplicate Files

The third step involves selecting the duplicate images you wish to delete, then click “Clean” to remove them from your Mac.

Step 04. Empty Trash

The final step is to empty your Trash in Mac to make sure the duplicate images don’t take up much space within your computer.

Part 4. Is Photos Duplicate Cleaner Safe?

Most Duplicate Cleaners for photos on Mac are safe. However, you still have to be careful. There is a lot that can compromise the safety and security of your computer. That’s why you should choose iMyMac PowerMyMac and its Duplicate Finder module. This tool is notarized by Apple so you are sure that it is safe 100%. Plus, you can use it for free with the free trial. Upon purchasing, you can opt for the 30-day money-back guarantee as well.

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